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Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) are a global technology company that provide hardware, software, and services to both consumers, and the enterprise. HPE have acquired and developed a number of Enterprise Records Management software solutions, and have become a leader within the field. Here at Knowledge Partners, we have a wealth of experience working with HPE’s ERM solutions, and have a partnership that allows us direct access to their latest technologies.

Knowledge Partners can implement, maintain and support HPE Records Management solutions. More detail about the specific solutions available from Knowledge Partners and HPE can be found below.

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HPE Records Manager (TRIM)

HPE Records Manager (previously known as TRIM) is a scalable electronic document and records management solution designed to meet the global needs of government, regulated industry, and enterprises.

HPE Records Manager enables you to balance the daily collaboration needs of staff with the long term compliance and productivity requirements of the business by:

  • Simplifying the management of all information where it delivers the most value
  • Delivering intuitive and secure access, anywhere anytime
  • Scaling to the largest organisation, while adapting to individual processes
  • Reducing information footprint and storage costs
  • Safeguarding business and executives through standards compliance, security, and audit
  • Providing seamless integration with Microsoft SharePoint to deliver a compliant records management solution for SharePoint content and archiving of SharePoint sites.


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